Shefins English Times Day 4 unit 4

DAY 4 Module 4: Speaking

Unit 7 ( To be completed before 12.30 pm)

Speaking in English

To become a fluent speaker in English you must be a master in reading, listening and speaking. You must start speaking fluently instead of correctly. Say every sentence loudly to yourself. Even if you have nobody to talk in English, you can still master in fluency on your own time.

Here is a video given below telling you the importance of speaking English.

Assignment 1

Video Analysis

Watch the video carefully and understand it. Stand in front of the mirror and speak out about your opinion regarding the video in English.  Speak whatever comes to your mind without concentrating on grammar.

Assignment 2

Passage Reading

A young woman inherited a beautiful garden from her grandmother. She loved gardening and was very proud of her garden. One day, she saw a very beautiful plant in a catalog and wanted that for her garden. She ordered it and planted it at the base of the stonewall in her backyard. She took great care of the plant, which grew quickly and had beautiful green leaves on it.

Months passed, but not a single flower bloomed on the plant. She almost wanted to cut the plant down. At that moment, her neighbour called and said, “Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers. You have no idea how much I enjoy looking at the blooms of hibiscus that you have planted”.

Hearing this, the young girl rushes to the neighbour’s side of the wall and sees the most beautiful flower in bloom. All the care she took had paid off. The stem had penetrated through the wall because of which it did not flower on her side of the wall but did generously on the other side.


Just because you cannot see the good results of your efforts does not mean that it bore no fruit.

Unit 8:  (To be completed before 8.30 pm)

Watch the video, stand in front of the mirror and speak for 3 minutes about the video

Passage Writing

Write a passage of about 50 words on the below topic


Tongue Twister for the day

Repeat it 10 times in front of the mirror quickly.

Grocer grocers grocery in the growing grocery ground.

Question for the day

Fill up the blank and send it to us through Whatsapp. If you are lucky enough your name will be selected and posted in the website tomorrow among the top 5 lucky contestants.

Did you __ your laptop to the class yesterday ?



Place :


Send your answers through whatsapp to 9483247301

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