Shefins English Times DAY 12

DAY 12

UNIT 23 : To be completed before 12:30 PM

  1. Read the passage carefully and answer the question

All spiders spin webs. That’s because webs help spiders. Webs help spiders do three things. Webs help spiders hold eggs. Webs help spiders hide. And webs help spiders catch food. Webs help spiders hold eggs. Many spiders like to lay their eggs in their webs. The webs help keep the eggs together. Webs help spiders keep their eggs safe.

Webs help spiders hide. Most spiders are dark. They are brown, grey, or black. But spider webs are light. They are white and cloudy. When spiders hide in their webs, they are harder to see. Webs help spiders catch food. Spider webs are sticky. When a bug flies into the web, it gets stuck. It moves around. It tries to get out. But it can’t. It is trapped!

Spiders can tell that the bug is trapped. That’s because spiders feel the web move. And the spider is hungry. The spider goes to get the bug. As you can see, webs help spiders hold eggs. Webs help spiders hide. And webs help spiders catch food. Without webs, spiders would not be able to live like they do. Spiders need their webs to survive!

1) This passage is mostly about

A. spider colors

B. spider webs

C. spider eggs

2) How can spiders tell when something is trapped in their web?

 A. They hear it.

 B. They smell it.

C. They feel it.

  • Listen to the speech carefully

3.Tongue Twister

Repeat it 10 times quickly

Flying flies flew over floating flesh

UNIT 24: To be completed before 8:30 PM

  1. Watch the video carefully and summarize it to your family members in English
  • Observe the below image and write 10 sentences about the picture.
  • Watch any one English news bulletin and explain regarding the news in details in your own words.

Question for the day

Choose the correct answer

The Paralympics is a competition for the

  1. Disabled
  2. Disadvantaged
  3. Discouraged
  4. Despised
  5. None of these                                   




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