shefins English Times DAY 9


UNIT 17: To be completed before 12:30 pm

1.Read the passage .

There was a grocery shop in a town. Plenty of mice lived in that grocery shop. Food was in plenty for them. They ate everything and spoiled all the bags. They also wasted the bread, biscuits and fruits of the shop.

The grocer got really worried. So, he thought “I should buy a cat and let it stay at the grocery. Only then I can save my things. “He bought a nice, big fat cat and let him stay there. The cat had a nice time hunting the mice and killing them. The mice could not move freely now. They were afraid that anytime the cat would eat them up. The mice wanted to do something. They held a meeting and all of them tweeted “We must get rid of the cat. Can someone give a suggestion”?

All the mice sat and brooded. A smart looking mouse stood up and said, “The cat moves softly. That is the problem. If we can tie a bell around her neck, then things will be fine. We can know the movements of the cat”. “Yes, that is answer,” stated all the mice. An old mouse slowly stood up and asked, “Who would tie the bell?” After some moments there was no one there to answer this question.

MORAL : Empty solutions are of no worth.

2.Tongue Twister

Repeat it 10 times quickly

Grocer grocers grocery in the growing grocery ground

3. Observe the speaker  carefully

UNIT 18: To be completed before 8:30 PM

1.Write the synonyms (samanaarthaka shabdha)  for the word “ BEAUTIFUL “and create a passage  using all the words

2. Watch any Kannada news , note down 5 news bulletins in Kannada ,translate it to English language .Read the English  news bulletins standing in front of the mirror.

3. Listen to the story carefully

Question for the day

Select the misspelt word.

  1. Cartilage
  2. Marriage
  3. Privilage
  4. Carriage
  5. None of the above




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